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Parents Comments

Parent Comments – 2022 - 2023



Some of our parents comments from feedback forms:



It's wonderful to hear our son is thriving and enjoying school. We can't thank you all enough! You are a fantastic, talented and dedicated team at White Ash, thank you so much!



It is wonderful to read (my child) has settled in so well at White Ash. I love the relationships that (my child) has made with staff and peers.



It is always lovely to see photos of (my child's) progress. Once again, I can't thank the staff enough for all you do.



A lovely report to read. I feel (my child) has really found her fit in her new class and she seems so happy. Thank you!!




Parent Comments – 2021 - 2022


Some of our parents comments from questionnaires and feedback forms:



I am very happy with (my child) progress and knowing that he enjoys going to school. I would like to thank Hannah and all the support staff for supporting my child.



(My child) is continuing to blossom. We are glad that (my child) has moved into this class and is with his friends. He is now settled and loves going to school.



Thank you so much for all your time, efforts and hard work you all put into (my child) development - we are forever grateful!

I am so proud of him and thankful he has you all to help and care for him the way you do.



Thank you to all staff who have each contributed to (my child) achievements. Also for the care and attention you devote to (my child).



(My child) is so happy at White Ash and loves being with his friends. Thank you to Darren and all the support staff - you all do a wonderful job!



(My child) loves going to school and as a parent it is nice to see that. I would like to thank all the staff who are working with (my child).



Thank you for your hard work and dedication. (My child) has been making good progress and thank you to Keara and the rest of the staff.



We are so proud of (our childs) first year in school. He has really progressed with confidence and all aspects of school life. A big thank you to all staff involved with (our childs) learning.

Parent Comments – 2020 - 2021

Some of our parents comments from questionnaires and feedback forms:



White Ash is an amazing school. (My child) loves coming to school and cannot wait for a bit of normality to come back and join his friends.



White Ash is a very good school, doing extremely well under very difficult circumstances. The staff have done amazing throughout the pandemic. I can't thank them enough.



(My child) has flourished since starting his school journey at White Ash. He loves going to school and it's just a shame he can't be at school with all his fellow classmates due to the current pandemic. Hopefully life can resume safely for everyone very soon.



(My child) loves school, she comes home happy and is coming on so well. The staff are extremely dedicated and supportive and always approachable. Thank you!


Parent Comments – 2019 - 2020

Some of our parents comments from questionnaires and feedback forms:



[My child] has been a completely different child since he started school. He is a lot more laid back and seems much happier in himself. He is loving the school bus, and he is eager every morning. Thank you to all of you for doing what you are doing with him. I feel extremely privileged that my son gets to attend White Ash. I’ve never felt this at ease, since he was born! He is so happy! Thank you!



I am very proud to read such a positive report. I have seen her go from strength to strength this term. It is great to read that she is continuing to develop her communication skills and use the Eye Gaze as I think this could really help her communication skills further and help her fulfil her potential. I am excited to see where this year takes her. Well done!



A fabulous report!  We are very happy with the progress he has made since the start of this year. His speech and confidence have vastly developed and we would like to thank all the staff for their hard work and encouragement! Thank you.



Thank you so much for the care and support that you give. Her school days look so fun and she looks so happy in all the pictures. As you will all know it is not easy leaving a special needs child but you have all made it so easy for me. She has become so much more chatty since starting school. She is such a happy little girl and I am so happy she is showing you all.

Again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.