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Autumn 1


Eagle class have been learning all about Houses and Homes during Autumn 1. In our English lessons, we read and listened to the story 'The Three Little Pigs'. We loved this story, using all the props and resources alongside the text. We especially loved the part when the big bad wolf comes along! 


In our Creative Curriculum lessons, we looked at houses around us and in our local area. We used shapes to create our own houses. Then we started to look at Houses over time and from the past. We specifically focused on 'Castles' as our home from the past. We created our own castles using a cereal box and paints. We are very proud of our Castles! 

Next we started to explore Houses around the world, looking at mud houses and igloos! We focused on the tipi and created our own using a paper model. 


In Science we have learnt about animals and what they need to survive. We focused on Pets and what they might need to be healthy. For this session, we invited in Wilbur the dog to help us understand and explore a pet dog and what it might need e.g. walks, food, water etc. Our class thoroughly enjoyed this session and smiled throughout! Thank you Wilbur for coming to see us!


For our educational visit this half term we went to Townley Park. It was a very wet and windy day but we put our waterproofs and wellies on and still had a fun time!


What a busy and amazing first half term in our new class!

Topic- Making our Castles!

Visit from Wilbur the dog...

Our trip to Townley Park.