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Equality Statement

The Governors and Staff of White Ash school ensure that equality of opportunity is available to all members of the school community.


For our school this means, not simply treating everybody the same but, understanding and tackling the different barriers which could lead to unequal outcomes for different groups of pupils in school, celebrating and valuing the equal opportunity achievements and strengths of all members of the school community.

Equality Policy

Rolling programme

Equality Objectives 2021-2022


1. To achieve the final three Equality Badges 


2. To plan and deliver our first whole school equality celebration (Rainbow Day).


3. To provide staff training for Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation


Equality Badge Leaders


Equality Lead - Lisa Bowden 


  • Disability - Angela F (Sensory Teacher) & Jude R (KS2 Teacher)
  • Religion & Belief - Catherine T (KS2 Teacher)
  • Socio-economic - Hannah F (KS1 Teacher) & Carol H (SLT)
  • Race - Darren H (KS2 Teacher)
  • Gender - Danielle J (KS2 Teacher)
  • Sexual Orientation - Kirsty B (EYFS Teacher)


Equality Governor - Amanda O

Equality TA - Donna H



Equality Blog

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