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Here at white ash we attend weekly hydrotherapy sessions for our PMLD pupils.


Hydrotherapy involves stimulation and exercise in warm water. Hydrotherapy relies on its mechanical and thermal effects, in order to induce healing. It takes advantage of the body's reaction to cold or hot stimuli, the pressure exerted by water, the protracted application of heat as well as the sensation of the water.


There are variety of exercises during the session which include:

  • Oral motor skills -
    • e.g. blowing bubbles or a lightweight object along the surface of the water.
  • Muscle strength -
    • e.g. using a water noodle to float in the water which helps develop muscle strength in the arms and core without the need for assistance which allows the child to enjoy freedom in the water.


Each child attending our sessions has their own individual physiotherapy and halliwick target to meet their specific needs.

Hydrotherapy Lead