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Sparrow Class is a fun, sensory class run by Jude, Sammie, Laura, Elaine, Nickola and Megan. Between us we have many years experience in MOVE, ICT, the Informal Curriculum and MSI: several staff members are trained Intervenors.

Sparrow class is a busy class which is centred around the needs of each child. We follow the Informal Curriculum, focusing on Communication, Cognition, Personal and Social, Tactile and Physical Skills.


About our Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into 5 core areas which are integral of learning as we saw most appropriate to the development of our sensory learners:

  • Communication
  • Conception and Cognition
  • Tactile and Motor
  • Personal and Social
  • Physical and Sensory


Multi-sensory sessions are based around topics that are both relevant and motivating. Activities include

  • Music
  • Intensive Interaction
  • Early maths: exploration and songs
  • ICT (including eye gaze, touch and switch)
  • Learning outside the classroom
  • sensory stories
  • massage
  • sensory massage stories
  • pre writing
  • TacPac
  • wheelchair dancing.


Learners in Sparrow class follow the Informal Curriculum and topics change each half term. Our curriculum incorporates smaller steps using a skill-based approach to learning. This curriculum is designed to cater to all learning styles, taking into account those pupils with visual impairments, hearing impairments or indeed multisensory impairments.


Each child follows a personalised timetable and participates in daily MOVE sessions that work on targets set by Physiotherapists to develop strength, flexibility, head control and body awareness. Pupils are given opportunity to use a range of equipment such as standing frames, side lyers, wedges, Achieva learning stations and their own equipment throughout the day. Physical activities also include Special Olympics, Rebound therapy and Hydrotherapy as we know how important movement is when it comes to health, independence, accessing information from the environment and wellbeing.

    Communication And Interaction

    Sparrow class work on listening and expression with daily group and individual activities. We focus on building very early communication skills. The main emphasis for development is on listening and responses to sounds. Communication begins with unintentional communication: facial expressions, body gestures, crying or vocalising. In Sparrow class we encourage pupils to communicate by providing them with a need or desire to engage with lots of different opportunities.

    Conception and Cognition

    The main focus of this area is to give children opportunities to develop their visual skills within their everyday learning. This stage also incorporates very early problem-solving, reading and reasoning skills.  Pupils in Sparrow class are given opportunities to work on these skills throughout the day in a range of sessions.

    Sparrow class sessions are non subject specific and sessions aim to promote successful learning using the 5 areas of the Engagement model:

    • Exploration
    • Realisation
    • Anticipation
    • Persistence
    • Initiation

    Physical and Sensory

    This area for development is concerned with sensory and physical skills. The children working within this level are focussing on the use of increased movement, tactile exploration, investigative and sensory exploration activities using all their senses.

    Children working in Sparrow class have personalised timetables with input from other professionals such as Physiotherapists, P.E. specialists and Occupational Therapists. Developing physical and sensory skills will enrich successful engagement and physical health and wellbeing. Sparrow class also participate in a range of sessions that promote movement and body awareness:

    • Rebound Therapy
    • MATP (special Olympics)
    • Hydrotherapy
    • Daily MOVE/ physiotherapy

    Spring Term Events

    Keep an eye on our Class Dojo page for those attending each swim session, the start dates and details on equipment needed. 

    Whole Class Timetable


    Alongside our main class timetable, all our pupils have individual timetables detailing interventions and personalised programmes (feeds, equipment, specialist input etc.). 

    Every morning we begin our day by identifying the date, weather and the activities on the daily timetable. Pupils are given object, musical and touch cues as to what is about to happen.

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