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What is phonics?

Phonics is a method of teaching reading by matching sounds to letters and groups of letters.


In EYFS, we teach 'pre-phonics' or 'Phase 1 phonics' in preparation for phonics. Pre-phonics intends to develop children's listening, vocabulary and speaking skills. We do this by exploring...

- Environmental sounds 

- Instrumental sounds 

- Body percussion 

- Rhyme and rhyme 

- Alliteration 

- Voice sounds 

- Oral blending and segmenting 


We provide lots of fun opportunities for children to listen and join in with stories, rhymes and poems, exploring words and meaning. We use Bug Club reading scheme which is an online resources, ensuring that pupils can access a range of reading materials anytime and anywhere. In school. we have hard copies of each book that we use in class for guided reading and home reading. Children are allocated a book band and are sent home each Monday with a new reading book for the week. Children are also given their own Bug Club login to access reading materials at home. 


There are lots of activities that support the teaching and learning of phonics including...

- Storytelling 

- Going on a sounds walk 

- Singing action songs

- Listening to rhymes and repeating patterns

- Playing games 

- Role play 

- Exploring our names and words in the environment 

- Playing instruments