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Welcome toWhite Ash Special SchoolTogether, anything is possible…


Our Class teacher is Catherine T

Other adults supporting in class are Adele, Rachael, Marian, Katie and Catherine D


In Kingfisher class we love to experience learning through having fun! We follow two different curriculums (informal and pre-semi formal)  to ensure we meet the needs of all our learners - We engage in multi-sensory lessons which are fun and interactive which helps us to learn. 


All of our learners have focused sessions to build their communication and interaction skills, engage in Attention Autism sessions and Learning Outside The Classroom.  Our sensory learners partake in specialised sensory I.C.T. input in our fantastic light room. MOVE sessions and rebound therapy, whilst others enjoy swimming, P.E. and a broad curriculum including English, Maths, Science, History and Geography.



Through out our learning journey we focus on the following key areas:


Cognition & Learning

Communication & Language

Social, Emotional & Mental Health

Physical & Sensory

Independence & Self-help


Our progress and achievements are recorded in our class learning journey, individual learning folders and individual learning goals set through Evidence for Learning. 



Communication & Interaction 


In Kingfisher class we spend lots of time developing our communication skills. We have focussed communication sessions where we build on our existing skills and we enjoy social snack times together with out friends.


Throughout the school day we use Intensive Interaction, PECs, Makaton and Widgit visuals in all areas.

Reading and phonics

 We love to read and explore texts across the curriculum as it is a skill that impacts all areas of learning and increases independence.


We use drama, small world and sensory experiences to explore texts. The children have access to books at their levels, alongside audiobooks, online texts through Bug club, Words First programme and library areas both in class and in the main school. 


Phonics is explored often at children's individual levels using their methods of communication to support. 


Some children in our class have personalised sensory diets but we all have opportunities throughout the school day to take a movement break and have a sensory snack!

We also take full advantage of sessions such as;

Fun with Foods

Sensory processing


Deep Pressure

Attention Autism


Light room time

Spring Events

Kingfisher Timetable



Interventions are carried out in addition to our whole class timetable and include Sensory Processing walks in the community, Sensory Processing walks to the Sensory Gym, Hydrotherapy, Intensive Interaction sessions and weekly ASD swimming. Due to these interventions Monday and Tuesday mornings will alternate fortnightly to ensure curriculum coverage for all students.

Kingfisher Long Term Plan - 2023 - 2024 - Have a look at all the things we will be doing!