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Communication is at the heart of everything we do at White Ash. It is one of the most important skills we teach our children and we are committed to providing a Total Communication environment. Developing the fundamental skill of communication is so important for our pupils as it allows them to access all other areas of the curriculum. Total Communication in EYFS currently encompasses Makaton, PECS, vocal sounds and speech, facial expressions, eye pointing, gesture, body language and body sign. We are supported by the fantastic Speech and Language Team and most of our pupils have individual programmes. 


In EYFS, we use a total communication approach which begins from the moment our children arrive at school. We use a range of different methods to support each individual pupil. These are...

- Intensive Interaction 

- Objects of reference 

- Visuals (photographs or symbols) 


- Makaton signing 

- Communication devices 

- Colourful semantics 

- Talk First 

- Body signing 

- Attention Autism 

- Teddy Talks 


Please visit our school Communication page for more information. 

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