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Online Safety


Always be careful when you are using the internet, games and apps.

They can help you to keep in touch with your friends and help your education – but it can also cause harm – to you and to others.

Remember help is always available at school if you are having any problems online.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher or another adult at school.


This years theme was


A big well done and thank you to all the children, adults and parents who took part in all the activities, information sharing and supporting the day in 2024.

We can't wait to show our skills in online safety in 2025.

Take a look at our pupil agreement document. 






Swiggle is a child friendly and safe search engine that will reduce the risks of harmful content reaching your child. There is a hand button which allows the child to cover the screen should anything they should not or do not want to see pops up. This means they can then tell the closest adult who can support and report.

Open the document below to find information and tips on online safety for over the Summer.