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Welcome toWhite Ash Special SchoolTogether, anything is possible…


Meet The Staff:


Class Teacher: Jacqueline

Teaching Assistant, Level 3: Becky

Teaching Assistant, Level 1: Kevin

Teaching Assistant, Level 1: Laura

Teaching Assistant, Level 1: Bethany


In Class Finch we love to learn, explore and have fun!!!


In Class Finch we are learning through pre-semi and semi formal pathways. We love to learn through play based, multi-sensory and other meaningful opportunities such as adult led practical activities, child led play and experiences outside the classroom. These cross curricular learning experiences develop our functional skills, independence and increased access to our curriculum.

We meet communication needs through daily activities such as intensive interaction, Jabadoe, visual aids, PECS and Makaton. 

Some of our pupils also have personalised Sensory Diet Plans to promote regulation in order to be ready to learn effectively.

In addition to our set lessons, we also enjoy various interventions such as: Fun with Foods, Attention Autism, Sensory Processing, Deep Pressure, Sensory Massage and Tac Pac.

Our progress and achievements are recorded in our class learning journey, individual learning folders and individual learning goals set through Evidence for Learning. 


Communication & Interaction:


In Class Finch we spend lots of time developing our communication skills. Throughout the school day we use Intensive Interaction, PECs, Makaton and Widget symbols in all areas around the classroom and throughout school. Some of the children in class also access Talk First sessions and have weekly sessions where they can develop their social skills in the local community.


Reading and Phonics:


We love to read and explore texts across the curriculum as this promotes holistic learning and increases personal independence. The children have access to books according to their individual level, alongside being able to access library/reading areas both in class and in the main school during the school day. We have learn through Phonics and this is experienced daily at individual levels using differentiated methods of communication to support. 


Sensory Needs:


Some children in our class have personalised sensory diets but we all have opportunities throughout the school day to take a brain break and enjoy a sensory snack. Our sensory children also access Physio Therapy, mobility, light room sessions, massage, tac pac and many more!!


We also take full advantage of sessions such as;


  • Fun with Foods
  • Sensory Processing
  • Rebound Therapy
  • Deep Pressure
  • Attention Autism
  • M.O.V.E
  • Light Room sessions
  • Hydro Therapy
  • ASD Swim
  • Tac Pac
  • Massage
  • Intensive Interaction
  • Jabadoe
  • Wheelchair Dancing

Class Timetable:


Alongside our main class timetable below, we have individual timetables as some of our children access interventions and personalised programmes. Every morning we begin our day with the following (differentiated so that every child's needs are met):


  • Sensory Processing
  • Deep Pressure
  • Weighted Walk
  • Daily Mile
  • Reading Packs
  • Physio Therapy


We also enjoy our Daily Mile Challenge, snack time, dinner time, outdoor playtimes and complete personal care routines throughout the day in addition to lessons and interventions.

Class Finch's Long Term Plan (2023-2024):

Keep an eye on our class dojo page for update information and personalised messages home each afternoon.

Summer Key Events:


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