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Lost Days = Lost Learning

At White Ash School, we expect children to attend school every day, as long as they are fit and healthy to do so, though we do realise that some children with complex medical difficulties will require time off school in relation to these.


Research shows that pupils who attend school regularly are more likely to do well in the future.  Regular attendance helps children to develop their confidence and to make and keep lasting friendships.

A 100% attendance is desirable as anything less means that your child is missing out on their education.  For example, 90% attendance is the same as missing half a day each week, or one whole month a year off school. 


Punctuality is also very important.  School starts at 8:55am each morning.


We feel that the most important way to promote good attendance is to ensure that both pupils and parents have a positive relationship with school.


If your child is absent you must:

  • Contact school as soon as possible on the first day of absence. You can leave a message on the school’s answer machine
  • Or, you can call into school and report to reception.


If your child is absent we will:

  • Telephone you on the first day of absence if we have not heard from you;
  • If we cannot contact you we will contact all the numbers you have provided, this is to ensure we know that your child is safe.
  • On the first day of absence, we will contact all numbers twice. This will continue on the second day of absence.
  • After the second day of absence we may visit you at home, we would like to know that your child and YOU are safe.
  • Invite you in to discuss the situation with our Family Liaison Officer and / or Head Teacher if absences persist
  • If appropriate, we will refer the matter to the Attendance Officer linked with school if attendance moves below 80% as per Local Authority protocol.


If your child has a prolonged absence due to medical reasons, we will:

  • Keep  in regular contact with the family
  • Follow procedures outlined in the document “Supporting education for children with complex medical needs;
  • Provide educational activities at home / hospice / hospital if appropriate.