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School Meals

School Meals


Balanced nutrition

  • By choosing school meals you can rest assured that your child has a tasty and nutritious meal every day, packed full of the goodness that growing bodies need
  • Our menus meet the government’s nutritional standards for school meals, a wide range of vegetarian meals (please note the meat is not halal)
  • Children who eat a well-balanced diet at lunchtime are more likely to have better concentration levels in the afternoon, improving their learning, behaviour and health



  • It saves you the time and effort of planning and preparing a varied and nutritious lunch for your child
  • It’s one less job for busy parents to do
  • No need to worry about the lunch box contents during the warm weather


Social skills

  • Provides the opportunity to further develop their social skills as they sit down with friends to enjoy their meals
  • School meals help encourage good eating habits from an early age
  • There are plenty of opportunities to try new foods, either on the standard menu or as part of  promotional theme menus


Eligibility and how to apply for free school meals and free school milk

From September 2014, all pupils in years R, 1 and 2 are entitled to school meals under the Government's Universal Free Meals policy. 
Parents of children in this age group are still encouraged to make an application for Free School Meals if they believe they meet the eligibility criteria, because this also generates the Pupil Premium, which gives schools additional funding.
Parents of older children/young people may not have to pay for school lunches if they meet the eligibility criteria, and this also generates the Pupil Premium which gives schools additional funding.

If you think you maybe eligible for free school meals, please complete the below form and return to school.



Food Allergy and Diets ​

Our children love the food that is freshly prepared by our cook.

We understand that many of our pupils have restricted diets and / or issues surrounding food and we will work closely with you to ensure that your child’s dietary needs are met. Staff within school are fully trained to tube feed pupils and staff will work to encourage “fussy eaters” to develop a wider range of accepted foods in a positive and supportive environment based on rewards and positive reinforcement.


Please ensure you inform us immediately of any food allergies or intolerance your child has.


For information on school meals and menu choice please click on the below link: