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Uniform Information

What should my child wear?


Learning outdoors plays an important part of school life. Only very wet weather keeps us indoors.  We ask that all children are sent to school with a water proof coat (hat and gloves when necessary) and a pair of wellington boots and waterproof pants in September to be kept in school.


On sunny days please apply sun cream before your child comes to school we may also ask for you to send labelled sun cream in to school so we can reapply during summer months.


Pupils are generally discouraged from wearing jewellery in school. During PE and swimming, pupils wearing any form of jewellery must remove them or have them taped over if they cannot be removed.


Pupils with a verruca can go swimming and take part in PE but must wear a protective verruca sock.

Please send in swimming wear, swim nappies and a towel when your child is due to swim.


All pupils are encouraged to wear the school uniform as listed below:


School Uniform


Boys / Girls

Purple White Ash Sweatshirt with school logo

Purple or White Polo Shirt (logo optional)

Grey Skirt or Trousers

Book bags with school logo



Girls - if preferred in Summer

Purple & White Gingham Summer Dress (no logo required)


PE Kit

Black shorts / jogging pants

White T-shirt

Pumps / Trainers (NO BLACK SOLES)



Swimming / Hydrotherapy

Swimwear and towel



 (Any items not marked may be marked by staff to avoid clothing mix ups)



You can purchase White Ash uniform at the following retailers:

Whittakers School Wear

Oswaldtwistle Mills

Moscow Mills

Colliers Street

Oswaldtwistle   BB5 3DE

Tel: 01254 871025



Whittakers School Wear

Waterloo Pavilions

20 – 26 Church Street

Blackburn   BB1 5AL

Tel: 01254 676047