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Early writing, fine and gross motor skills...


There is lots of important work to do before we expect our children to pick up a pencil. The physical skills and core muscles needed for writing are developed continuously in EYFS. Children are given rich and varied opportunities to use and develop their fine and gross motor skills throughout each school day and in all areas of provision. Fine and gross motor movements are key to healthy bodies and successful writing. In EYFS we prepare for writing by...


Using gross motor movements...

- building with blocks and other materials 

- construction area 

- running, walking, jumping, climbing 

- using play equipment (slide, climbing frame, swings) 

- access to the sand and water areas 

- mud kitchen 

- using wheeled toys such as a scooter or trike 

- getting dressed 

- pouring drinks 

- using brushes and mops outdoors 

- messy mark making on windows

- dancing with ribbons, pom poms, scarves and flags 

- sqiggle whilst you wiggle (crossing the midline) 

- dough disco 

- move our bodies to music 

- using large pipettes and tools to squeeze 

- chunky chalk


Using fine motor movements...

- threading 

- peg boards 

- sticker  books 

- tweezers 

- scissors 

- using buttons and zips 

- holding mark making tools (paintbrushes, sponges, pencils) 

- using cutlery 

Pirate Playdough remix: Row your Boat, Pirate dance, Baby Shark Nursery Rhyme/Dough mashup

A fun playdough song to develop fine motor control and coordination - get your kids ready for writing! Easy to follow playdough routine which is 3 minutes long. These popular nursery rhymes (Row Your Boat, Coming Round and Baby Shark) have been combined to get your funky fingers on the move!

Stages of pencil grip development