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Educational visits


Educational Visits



As a school in the heart of the Oswaldtwistle community we are committed to integrating our children into local community life.


Frequent educational visits provide unique opportunities and encourage children to engage with people, places and buildings in new ways. This is particularly beneficial for our children who find visual and sensory experiences helpful to their learning and understanding. 


During trips to local parks, shops, museums etc we are engaging our children in real-world learning. This allows our children to experience hands-on experiences which develop life skills such as handling money, exchanging money for food in shops, communicating with others and different ways to keep safe in the community (e.g. road/water safety).  

Every class has an educational visit booked each half term. These visits link to their class topics. We have 3 minibuses and a caddy available, and all the drivers are Midas trained.

All our staff are fully aware of the Lancashire Educational off-site visits policy and guidelines. Evolve risk assessments are completed and submitted before each visit. These are approved by one of the Educational Visit Coordinators in school.

If the visit is classed as a Type B visit, this requires additional approval by the County Council. Type B visits include a planned activity on water, involve adventurous activities, a farm visit, theme parks, trampoline parks and non-curriculum one off sessions, involving overnight stay or residential accommodation.


These risk assessments include-

  • Children’s medical needs
  • Children’s Regulation plans
  • Staff ratio and named staff to children
  • A timed plan of the visit
  • Emergency numbers
  • First aiders


Parents and Carers are informed on Dojo or by a letter and any contributions can be paid on ParentPay.

On Friday 19th May, some of our KS2 children were invited to attend The Lancashire Science Festival at The University of Central Lancashire. There were lots of fun workshops to try our hand at, including looking through telescopes, construction and magnets, 'Ghosts in the Machine,' and 'Smash and Bang - Stone Tool Making.' Once again, behaviour was impeccable and the children had lots of fun trying out all the exciting things. Great work, team!!