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Light Room / ICT

Our Sensory Light Room

Our Sensory light room is a very special place, where our children with profound and multiple learning difficulties can have access which will help them understand the world, they live in. Their world can be very different from ours and everyday things in our life can seem strange and hard to understand to a person with special needs.

Our Sensory light room contains many different pieces of equipment that allows the students to use their different senses. Sound system that can play music, reproduce their voice etc. Lighting effects that can grab attention, encourage movement or move when they speak, tactile surfaces that react when touched.

The purpose of a sensory room is to allow our students to focus on a sensory item (that may be a large push button, a projected image or tactile surface or a sound). The room is designed to remove all distractions from the outside world and maybe in a darkened environment. The student can be encouraged to carry out a simple action, for example, activate a switch, activate our Omi mat, by moving parts of the body and interacting with the projected images. We also have two Eye Gaze devices, instead of using your hands or a mouse to navigate the screen, your eyes do the scrolling. We work on the students cause and effect skills and as they progress students can then be assessed to work up to the use of a communication grid, this is a communication programme to help our students control their surroundings and interact with their environment and make request for their own personal needs.

The result of all these simple actions can activate a dramatic effect that the student cannot miss, so we encourage whole body movement/interaction. 

Sensory ICT