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In Wren class we love to learn new things, develop important life skills, be creative and most importantly, we love to have so much fun!

We experience learning through a variety of practical and multi-sensory activities, that provide meaningful opportunities for us to develop our skills.  We follow a semi-formal curriculum, ensuring that everyone’s individual learning styles are met in a vibrant and creative way.  We have daily activities which include reading, fine motor and writing development, practical maths, creative curriculum sessions and physical activities. 

Some of us in Wren class access a range of interventions and activities, such as, sensory processing, listen and move, ASD swimming, ELSA and rebound.


We follow a total communication approach, ensuring we are able to develop interaction and communication skills.  We spend lots of time working on our communication such as listening to sensory stories, Intensive Interaction, PECS and Makaton. We have personalised sensory diets and regulation plans to enable us to stay focused and organised throughout the day. We also love Attention Autism, also known as 'bucket', where we develop our attention, communication and interaction skills.



Meet our amazing class Team:


Jess Singleton: Teacher

Chloe Crabtree – TA3

Sayarun Nessa – TA2

Lauren Walsh – TA1

Natasha Sagar – TA1





Wren Class Long Term Plan

Wren Class Timetable Spring Term 2023