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Spring 2

Spring 2- Castles!


In Eagle Class we have been learning all about Castles this half term! We have visited Clitheroe Castle to experience seeing and exploring a real-life castle. We had a great time although the weather was very wet and windy! We have also made our own castles using a cereal box and paint. We all loved making these and are very proud of our creations! We have also learnt about the kinds of people that may have lived in a castle e.g. kings/queens or lords/ladies. We have used role play to explore these roles and made our own crowns to wear. We then explored dragons who are associated with Castles in lots of tales and myths! We made a dragon using a paper plate and collage items. 

Our story this half term has been 'George and the Dragon', we have enjoyed reading this story each week with the sensory props and interactive resources to go alongside the text!


Overall a very busy half term!

Here we are making our Castles using cereal boxes and paint!

Here we are visiting Clitheroe Castle!