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Welcome toWhite Ash Special SchoolTogether, anything is possible…


Welcome to Doves - Meet Our Class Team 

Teacher: Lisa Bowden (Mon; Tues; Wed; Thurs; not Fridays)

TA3: Les Reddin

TA2: Jill Heather (Tues; Wed; Thurs; Fri)

Rebecca Crawshaw (Mondays)

TA1: Mia Beardsworth 

TA1: Nicola 



Our Doves class has 10 pupils with a range of multi-sensory and complex needs.  We enjoy having lots of fun and and experience learning through a variety of practical and multi-sensory activities.  We have daily activities which include sensory stories, practical maths, intensive interaction, attention autism, and sensory processing.   All our learners have focused learning sessions to develop their personal, social, interactive, independence and life skills.   Our other weekly activities include Rebound Therapy, Move Opportunities Via Education (MOVE), Learning Outside the Classroom, Music and Creative Curriculum (Drama).

Long Term Plan Autumn Term 2022 to Summer 2023

Doves Timetable 2022-2023