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Autumn 2

Halloween maths was so much fun! The children explored filling and emptying, finding numbers to five and printing with different shapes.

Our children have been busy exploring seasonal change and all things autumn. They took turns rolling conkers, looked at the different colours and watched the autumn leaves fall down.

All children have worked hard this half term to develop their physical skills. After changing into their PE kits, the children walked over to the school hall to develop their dance and balls skills. This included copying large movements such as waving, stomping and clapping and sending small objects such as balls and scarves.

The children throughly enjoyed their first educational visits to the sensation gym and Barton grange. All the children were very brave exploring new places and used their senses to explore the Christmas decorations and apparatus.

This half term we have explored celebrations that are important to us. We have used our senses to encounter the celebrations of Diwali, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Children in Need and Bonfire Night.

It has been a very special Christmas in EYFS. The children have been very busy exploring all things Christmas with lots of visits from a very special man!