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Welcome toWhite Ash Special SchoolTogether, anything is possible…


Welcome to Class Finch:

Meet The Staff:

Class Teacher: Jacqueline Pickles

Teaching Assistant, Level 3: Becky Jamin

Teaching Assistant, Level 1: Megan Tate

Teaching Assistant, Level 1: Syeda Uddin

Teaching Assistant, Level 1: Carrie Adams

In Class Finch we love to learn, explore and have fun!!!

We base on our learning opportunities and experiences on our individual needs, meaning our lessons are engaging, enriching and multi-sensory to ensure every child's needs are met to a high standard. 

We meet communication needs through daily activities such as intensive interaction, Jabado, visual aids, PECS and Makaton. 

Some of our pupils also have personalised Sensory Diet Plans to promote regulation in order to be ready to learn effectivly.

In addition to our set lessons, we also enjoy various interventions such as: Fun with Foods, Attention Autism, Sensory Processing, Deep Pressure and Tac Pac.

Please find attached Class Finch's Long Term Plan (2022-2023):

Please find attached Class Finch's Timetable (2022-2023):

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