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Spring 2

Our theme in Doves, this half term,  has been 'Our Garden'.  Our children have been very busy weeding the flower beds ready for planting.   We have planted different types of seeds to see how they grow - including runner beans, sunflower seeds and a variety of herbs.  We grew runner beans in the window and watch how the sprouted - we looked at how the roots, stems and leaves have grown.   We have re-potted our runner beans in to bigger pots to see how tall they grow.  

All our children in Doves are given the opportunity to develop their early Maths skills through play and practical activities.  Our children also love to join in with a variety of songs and rhymes and explore a range of mathematical resources.  We follow the Lower KS1 maths scheme of work throughout the year and develop understanding and explorational skills in a variety of topics, i.e. money, capacity, weight and measure, etc. 

Practical Maths !

Dove class had a lovely time on our educational visit to Edisford park/castle. Even though it rained all day we splashed in a lot of puddles, looked for early signs of Spring as part of our gardening topic and had a lovely time !

Edisford Park, Clitheroe February 2024