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Sensory Story

Sensory stories are one of the exciting and motivating sessions that our sensory learners participate in. They are written around topics that help pupils to explore themselves and the world they live in using all the senses. Learners get to experience different characters, stories and events as a group in a hands-on way that is fun! Pupils who may not be able to follow a story in a book can enjoy drama, literacy, communication and phonics at a level appropriate and enjoyable to them.

Sensory stories provide an opportunity to experience different scenarios and are build around the individual needs of the pupil who are working within the sensory curriculum, practising, and consolidating skills in:

  • attending, looking and tracking
  • playing and relating to others
  • exploring and learning
  • creating
  • experiencing different emotions and using their imagination
  • sensing using all the senses both individually and/or combined
  • problem solving and exploration
  • developing natural curiosity
  • being aware of their own body, space and how they may occupy or share it with others
  • developing fine motor skills with purpose
  • using body signs, picture cues, objects and body language to communicate.

My Busy Body (my senses)