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Sensory Massage

Massage and massage stories are enjoyed by our sensory learners as part of our sensory Curriculum. They aim to stimulate many of the senses in a meaningful way, enabling learning to take place and to be accessible for those pupils concerned. Massage stories are a powerful means of giving and receiving human communication through touch. Touch is the first way a baby learns about their environment (even before they are born!) and for many of our sensory learners- essential especially if they cannot reach out and seek interactions with others or their immediate environment. Some benefits of massage stories, multi-sensory massage and interactive massage include:

  • building trust
  • enabling non-verbal communication
  • increasing concentration
  • encouraging participation, relationships and turn taking
  • enhancing the senses
  • giving meaning to topics
  • relaxation/ stimulation
  • promoting body awareness, passive exercise and movement.



Trip to the moon space massage