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Special Events

Sensory Orienteering Day: 16.6.22

Remembrance 2021

We all worked together to create a beautiful memorial in our school grounds. Each class made poppies to add to the tree, we then placed them on and held a two minute silence. White Ash remembers.

Children's Mental Health Awareness Week 2021


We celebrated Children's Mental Health Awareness Week with lots of fun activities to help our children express themselves both in school and at home. Our children enjoyed painting to music to express their emotions, participated in mindful colouring, emotions yoga and even a feelings massage. 

Friendship Week 2020

We celebrate Anti-bullying week each year at White Ash by dedicating a whole week to friendship. All of the children at White Ash are great friends and pride themselves on being kind and helpful to others. 
This year the children had lots of fun reading stories about friendship including ‘Don’t Hog the Hedge’, ‘The Kindness Elves’ and ‘The Rainbow Fish’. They also got very creative making friendship  paper chains with their favourite friendship qualities written on, made friendship potions to decide what makes a good friend and even discussed how friends made us feel by recognising and sorting emotions.