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We all had a lovely day for our whole school science day. We did lots of fun and exciting investigations in our classes like the tornado in a bottle experiment, skittles experiment, making gliders and seeing how far they would fly and lots more!!! We finished off with a super scientists assembly where all classes talked about all the amazing things they had been doing.

Another fantastic Science Day! The pupils enjoyed exploring the exploding volcano which was made from bicarbonate soda and vinegar. We all then went on to do lots of different experiments and activities such as flying aeroplanes on string, rainbow colours, looking at our teeth etc. KS2 classes also had the chance to find out about women in science and what they did for us, these included Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace and Jane Goodall. At the end of the week a pupil in each class were awarded a 'Science Superstar' award and all pupils were given a certificate.