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Duckling / Gosling

Welcome to EYFS!

In Ducking and Gosling class we love to learn, play and have fun. The key areas we focus on are Cognition and Learning, Communication and Language, Social, Emotional and Mental Health, Physical and Sensory and Independence and Self Help. 

We follow a play based curriculum and learn in many ways. We have lots of adult and child-led play based activities to provide meaningful opportunities to develop our skills. We have personalised sensory diets and regulation plans to enable us to stay focused and organised throughout the day. We also love Attention Autism (especially ‘bucket’) where we develop our attention, communication and interaction skills. We spend lots of time working on our communication such as listening to sensory stories, Intensive Interaction, PECS and Makaton. 



Meet the EYFS Team

Michelle Forrest - EYFS Lead/Assistant Headteacher

Beth Lamoury - Class Teacher 

Kirsty Bryan - Class Teacher 

Amanda Eddleston - TA3

Lisa Lennon - TA3

Dawn Furness - TA2

Lauren Crabtree - TA2

Rebecca Crawshaw - TA2

Debbie Singleton - TA1

Annaleis Fraser - Welfare Assistant 

Timetable 2022-23

Long term plan 2022-23

Medium term plan Autumn 1

Autumn 1 - All about me

Making jam and marmalade sandwiches as part of our special day celebrating the life of Queen Elizabeth II

Summer 2 Topic - Holidays

Our EYFS class of 2022 - you are all superstars!

Special Olympics

Summer 1 Topic - My Garden

Marvellous maths!

The Butterfly House

Learning all about gardens at Towneley Park

Spring 2 Topic - Dinosaurs

We’re totally ROAR-some

Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning

Spring 1 Topic - Winter Wonderland

We like to ride our bicycles!

Buddhism Day

Autumn 2 Topic - Magic and Fairytales

Adventure City

Halloween, Diwali and Remembrance Day

Autumn 1 Topic - All about me