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As technology continues to advance and change at an increasing rate; with new gadgets, websites, games and apps appearing daily. At White Ash school we aim to provide a curriculum that educates our learners not only to be safe whilst using such technologies but also how it can aid in learning and communicating. 

Each year has curriculum areas that cover 3 key areas:

Digital Literacy

Computer Science

Information Technology


Skills are taught through discreet lessons and also cross curricular to meet the diverse needs of our learners and to show how technology around us can be a tool to support. 

Computing Curriculum Overview

Keep an eye out for further details on the activities the children will be taking part in. 

Swiggle is a child friendly and safe search engine that will reduce the risks of harmful content reaching your child. There is a hand button which allows the child to cover the screen should anything they should not or do not want to see pops up. This means they can then tell the closest adult who can support and report.