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Class 5

 Class 5 Curriculum Map 2020- 2021


Autumn 1

The Great Fire of London


History Focus

Autumn 2

Passport to Europe

(Exploring & Christmas in Europe)


Spring 1

Pre-Historic Britain

(Stone age, Iron age & Bronze age)

Spring 2


(Native Americans)

Summer 1



Summer 2


(Tokyo 2021)


Unit – Narrative:


Barnaby Bear Goes to London



Unit – Fairy Tales

Unit – Non-fiction: Explanation text




Unit – Instruction Texts


Unit – Poem On a Theme




Unit-.Narrative: Novel as a theme




Number, place value, length, weight, addition, subtraction, 2D and 3D shapes.

Sequencing, sorting, fractions, money and time.

Number, place value, weight, 2D and 3D shapes, counting and money, multiplication and division.


Length, weight, addition and subtraction, fractions, position and direction and time.

Number, place value, length, capacity, addition, subtraction, fractions, position, direction, time, 2D and 3D shapes.

Time, multiplication and division, subtraction, measurement, sorting.



The Human body



Forces and magnets

Living things and their habitats




Data handling

Creating and thinking critically.

To use technology to create content. To have own ideas and make links between them.



To interact and explore their environment using multimedia equipment including digital cameras and video cameras.


To use technology safely.


Getting to know you

  • Class rules
  • Getting to know each other
  • Problem solving
  • Looking after each other
  • Happy play times
  • Making choices

We’re all friends and staying safe

  • Making friends
  • Falling out with friends
  • Managing anger
  • Anti-bullying
  • Hazards in the home and fire safety
  • Road safety

Staying healthy

  • Keeping clean
  • Growing and changing
  • Families and care
  • Looking after our teeth
  • Staying healthy
  • Setting a simple goal

We are all different

  • Our likes and dislikes
  • Feeling proud
  • Being special
  • Recognising worries
  • Staying calm and relaxed
  • Standing up for myself

Feelings, feelings everywhere

  • Asking for help
  • Feeling loved and cared for
  • Managing uncomfortable feelings and behaviour
  • Dealing with worries
  • Supporting each other

Joining in and joining up

  • Listening effectively
  • Expressing opinions
  • Knowing right and wrong
  • Needs of living things
  • Developing responsibilities-looking after animals
  • Who else?


Why is Muhammed important to Muslims?




Who was St Francis and what did he teach us about caring for animals Christianity



What makes Guru Nanak a special teacher


Why is Jesus a special person?



& Geography

History focus:

United Kingdom -Great Fire of London


  • To compare past and present-day London
  • To compare similarities and differences of how people lived in 1966 in London and now
  • Find out how the Great fire Started

How London was rebuilt after the Great Fire

Passport to Europe


  • Take a trip across the English Channel to the continent of Europe
  • Find out names, locations & features of European countries including capitals and famous landmarks
  • Discover local delicacies, traditions and customs.
  • How countries spend Christmas in Europe


Pre-Historic Britain


  • Explore Prehistoric Britain
  • Discover where they settled
  • Skills they developed, food they hunted and artefacts that have been found
  • Discover what life and communities were like in the first British settlements
  • How bronze impacted Britain

How Iron was mined and used.



USA – Native Americans


  • Discover the cowboys and Native Americans
  • Find out about the Appalachian mountain regions and the Great Plains
  • Learn about Native American customs traditions and historical people including Geronimo
  • Explore the food, clothes and homes.




  • Discover where rainforests are located and who inhabits them including animals, plants and indigenous people
  • Explore the climates and layers that form the rainforest
  • Discuss why rainforests are under threat and what impact humans are having on these environments.




  • To use a map to locate where the Olympics is taking place
  • To find out when/where the Olympics started
  • Discover which countries take part in the Olympics and their flags
  • The history of the 5 Olympic rings

Similarities and differences of Ancient vs Modern Olympic Games


Charanga music

SEND scheme

Unit 7 : Contrast



Charanga music

SEND scheme

 Unit 8 : Imitation

Charanga music

SEND scheme

 Unit 9 : Waltz

Charanga music

SEND scheme

 Unit 10 : March

Charanga music

SEND scheme

Unit 11 : Loud and Quiet

Charanga music

SEND scheme

 Unit 12 : Boogie Train


Bike ability

Bat and ball games



Invasion games





Bat and ball games (Cricket, rounders)



 Drawing focus:



Fahrelniss Zeia


Early mark making. Runs hands through sand/water/pebbles.


Experimenting with colour and surface: scraffito.

Painting focus:




Van Gogh


Moving paint around with different tools (hands/sponges) Using thick and thin paint (add PVA in paint effects).


Using light and dark: adding white and black to different paints.

Printing focus:

John Piper



Experiment by pressing on with fingers, hands and feet.


2 colour mono and block printing using objects (leaves, packaging, shells).


David Hockney



Experiments and indicates preference with a range of materials.


Symmetry sorting material e.g. warm, shiny, smooth.



Matisse cut outs


Explore a wide range of fabrics: cut, fray and stretch.


Apply colour with printing, dying, fabric crayons.



Boccioni sculpture

Bernard Leach


Experiment with dough and plastcine, pulling, twisting and rolling.


Paper mache, making sculptures from found objects.


Structures and Mechanisms:


Sensory: collect or move objects


Join paper and card with glue or tape.

Cut paper.

Food Technology:


Sensory: show a preference for taste/texture/smell and appearance of and wide range of foods.


Make food used in celebrations.


Wash and dry apparatus.

Food Technology:


Sensory: show a preference for taste/texture/smell and appearance of and wide range of foods.


Making and eating healthy choices when understanding a balanced diet.


Beware of health and safety when cooking.

Structures and Mechanisms:


Sensory: explore moving parts


Insert paper fasteners for card linkages.


Use a hole punch.



Sensory: manipulate and test materials: dye, rip, scrunch and twist.



Decorate fabrics with buttons, beads, sequins etc.


Try and take off clothing.


Draw around templates.


Use zips and buttons.


Food Technology


Sensory: show a preference for taste/texture/smell and appearance of and wide range of foods.


Roll and mix food.


Wash and dry apparatus.

Outdoor Learning

The World around me challenge


Woodland challenge

The World around me challenge

Woodland challenge


Local water way observations

 The World around me challenge


Local History walks

Woodland challenge