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Welcome toWhite Ash Special SchoolTogether, anything is possible…


Spring Term 2021 - This term the topic has been 'Extreme Earth'.  The pupils have been exploring Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and extreme climates.  They used modelling clay to make a Volcano, re-created arctic and desert landscapes and built a model showing the effects of a Tsunami.  The children have been learning how to follow and write instructions in English.  We have had fun making pizza, bread and scones.  The children have also been learning how to build a campfire and learn how to build one safely. 




Spring 2021

Hi everyone! Welcome to Class 11


We have all settled into our new class extremely well and have already been working super hard in all of our lessons.  


Our previous topic was 'The Vikings'.  We explored the way of life in Viking Britain, how Vikings travelled across the seas and what Vikings used to wear.  We designed our own longboats and painted them in art and we built longboats out of card in design technology.  

Our class story was 'How to be a Viking'.  We acted out the role of a Viking sailing on the seas in their long boats.  


This half term we are exploring World War One.  The pupils have been listening to wartime songs, dressing up as soldiers and making traditional Wartime Recipes including, Trench Stew, Eggless Chocolate Cake and Spam Fritters.  The pupils visited the War Memorial in Oswaldtwistle to lay a wreath and Poppies.


We look forward to sharing more of our hard work with you over the coming weeks!