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Welcome toWhite Ash Special SchoolTogether, anything is possible…


At White Ash School we understand the importance of Art and Design and Design Technology. Both subjects encourage pupils to innovate, analyse and celebrate the world we live in. Design Technology also helps to develop and enable numeracy, literacy and communication skills that can be applied in practical ways. In addition to providing a self-esteem boost, Art and Design helps pupils with learning differences communicate more effectively and express thoughts and feelings in a way that makes sense to them.

Everyone enjoyed a creative Autumn themed Art day. Classes used Artists work as a starting point to interpret the world around them, using themes, colours, skills and even styles in their own beautiful artworks. 

Early Years: Van Gogh

Key Stage 1: Gustav Klimt and Claude Monet

Key Stage 2: Rick Ruark, Henri Roussau, Andy Warhol, graffiti art and Richard Long

Enjoy viewing our fabulous artwork!