White Ash School

Pupil Parliament

The Pupil Parliament are looking forward to another busy year.

We have chosen our new Pupil parliament members. Applications were sent out to all pupils in Key stage 2 and they were asked to fill out the form to apply. All children who applied were successful. In our first meeting we discussed how important being on the Pupil parliament was and we asked who would like to volunteer to be head girl or head boy. The vote was put to all children in KS2 and a new head girl and head boy were chosen. These are Daniel in class 10 and Evie-Mae in class 9. They were presented with a badge and a certificate in assembly.
In our next meeting we are looking at Eco schools and how we can be more energy efficient in school by turning off lights and other electrical equipment.

s. We will keep you informed of what we discuss during our meetings.